Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Review

Stem Cell Hair RegrowthThere has been much controversy about stem cell research. Usually when we hear stem cells we think of embryonic stem cell research. There is much more to it than that. There is also a skin stem cell research. Among the many things found is a stem cell hair regrowth process. This can be a major breakthrough for men trying to stop hair loss. There has not been a lot of research done on stem cell hair regrowth, but what has been found is that there is some regrowth in mice.

Mostly, stem cell research has focused on the possibility of curing some forms of cancer, so there hasn’t been a lot of focus on stem cell hair regrowth. What has been learned so far is that stem cell hair regrowth is only useful in male pattern baldness. This means that if you have hair loss because of a medical diagnosis or as a side effect of another disease, stem cell hair regrowth process will not work for you.

In order to perform a stem cell hair regrowth procedure, blood is drawn from the patient. Then the blood is separated into stem cells and growth factors. These factors are then injected into the scalp where the hair is expected to grow. To date, stem cell injections have mostly been performed on mice.

While this may be great news to men that are concerned with their hair loss, this procedure is extremely expensive. When one is interested in stem cell hair regrowth, be sure to weigh your options. While some progress has been made on stem cells and hair loss, there is still a lot that must be learned. Be sure that it is financially feasible before committing to stem cell hair regrowth.