Stem Cell Treatment For Arthritis Benefits

Stem Cell Treatment for ArthritisAging process causes irreversible changes in a cartilage structure of all joints in a human body reducing levels of shock absorption and smooth operation resulting in painfully swollen knees, elbows and fingers. Traditional medicine currently offers very little relief for the sufferers of osteoarthritis having them to resort to anti-inflammatory therapy and in the end to full knee or hip replacements.

New stem cell treatment for arthritis is destined to replace a barbaric in its nature surgical replacement of full joints that additionally requires cutting away significant amount of bone tissue, not to mention brutally painful recovery period which forces patients to perform physical exercises against high levels of pain to insure artificial joint mobility.

Innovative stem cell treatment for arthritis works by harvesting small fat deposits from patients’ fat tissues in the knee area to later reprogram them into cells that are very similar in nature to mesenchymal stem cells that can differentiate into new cartilage. This skin stem cell research approach allows patients to receive cartilage implants that are bio-identical to their bodies and will not cause immune system rejections of a new implant.

Stem cell treatment for arthritis sets another level of research for the future to actually engineer a replacement for a lost limb that can further begin functioning as its own without the need for prosthetics.

Multiple benefits of stem cell research are beneficial in other areas of medicine like cerebral palsy stem cell treatment that rejuvenates damaged parts of the brain or stem cell treatment for diabetes that enables pancreas insulin producing cells to start working efficiently again.

Let’s hope that someday stem cell treatment for arthritis will become just another routine procedure making us feel better about getting old knowing that a replacement for a faulty organ or tissue, that is so common in old age, is just a doctor visit away.