Stem Cell Treatment For Diabetes – Cure Is Possible!

Stem Cell Treatment for DiabetesDiabetes is one of the worst plagues of the 21st century affecting millions and millions of people around the world and is currently considered an incurable condition, when a patient’s own immune system disables insulin-producing cells of the pancreas.

Stem cell treatment for diabetes is one of the hottest research topics among the leading scientists of the world promising to find a cure that will trigger body to produce its own insulin again to save people from round the clock glucose testing and insulin injections. No matter how well diabetes patients control their own levels of blood glucose, they are still at a high risk for developing retinopathy that can potentially lead to blindness, blood vessel damage resulting in heart attacks and strokes.

Currently diabetes sufferers have two options to resort to, namely life of constant insulin therapy or pancreas transplant, which in itself is a very complicated procedure requiring a patient to be bio-matched with a donor and be on immune suppressing drugs virtually for the rest of his life that might lead to even more serious infections down the road.

Complexity of the diabetes problem puts finding stem cell treatment for diabetes at the top of the list. However, stem cell research pros and cons have been stirring a lot of controversy lately in conjunction with President Obama’s lifting a ban on stem cell research federal funding in order to find cures for many deadly diseases including diabetes.

Potential stem cell treatment for diabetes research is mainly focused on how mesenchymal stem cells injections can help boost patients’ own growth of insulin producing cells or how these multipotent stem cells can be coaxed in growing a bio-matched pancreas in a lab setting to reduce chances of organ rejection by a specific patient.

Since embryonic stem cell treatment for diabetes research has been considered inhumane by some religious and public groups, some researchers focus their work on how umbilical cord stem cell therapy can provide similar results without the moral dilemma of destroying embryos necessary for the medical research.

Stem cell treatment for arthritis is another research topic that can help improve quality of life for millions of sufferers from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis with their debilitating symptoms and give people a gift of a pain-free and full life again.