Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Disease

Stem Cell Treatment for Heart DiseaseStem cell treatment for heart disease focuses its efforts on converting adult stem cells that can be obtained from the bone marrow, skin sample or umbilical cord blood into their original pluripotent stem cells state necessary for the yield of a new organ, tissue or part of it. American Heart Associated makes it clear that they do non endorse or support in any way any stem cell treatment for heart disease based on embryonic stem cells obtained from aborted fetuses or embryos left over from infertility treatments.

Not only adult stem cell treatment for heart disease is more bio-identical to each patient reducing a possibility of immune system rejection, it will virtually eliminate side effects of embryonic stem cells treatment that cause tumors.

A lot of current heart diseases and conditions known to humanity could be treated with stem cell treatment for heart disease to repair and boost healing potential of heart’s valves, blood vessels and structures. In addition, a human heart could be engineered in a lab environment to test the effectiveness of emerging medications eliminating clinical trial errors and side effects.

Stem cell research pros and cons debates are the hottest topic of discussion among prominent medical scholars making many innovative approaches to skin stem cell research treatment available to the general public in the near future. For example, cerebral palsy stem cell treatment that will enable a patient to receive a healing cocktail of his own stem cells cultured from a skin sample that will be able to regenerate brain cells damaged by the disease.