Stem Cell Therapy – Top 10 Benefits For Mankind!

Stem Cells Topics:

Stem Cell TherapyWithin the last few years scientists focusing their work on stem cell therapy have accomplished greater progress by switching from studying controversial embryonic stem cell benefits to adult stem cell therapy and therapies involving umbilical cord stem cell samples received via cord blood banking process. According to their findings, adult stem cell therapy treatments have less chances of being rejected by a patient, therefore increasing his recovery rates. When using patient’s own skin stem cells, there’s no need to administer immune suppressing drugs as in instances of using embryonic stem cell therapy, which could be debilitating for the patient in the long run. In addition, adult stem cells are easier and less controversial to obtain, making this stem cell therapy a very promising medical field of research for the future. Let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits of adult stem cell therapy for mankind.

1. Anti-aging benefits of stem cell therapy is ability to live longer and enjoy life at the fullest even in your 80’s and 90’s. Stem cell injections could be your fountain of youth by restoring your organs, tissues and systems that get worn out over time as we age. No more saggy skin, achy joints, poor eyesight and weak heart, you can rejuvenate yourself and look and feel younger.

2. Diabetes benefits could be accomplished by injecting a patient with stem cells that have a potential to produce new islet insulin producing cells, therefore ending the need for blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections. Stem cell diabetes treatment focuses on newly diagnosed diabetes patients with poorly but still functioning pancreas to encourage its cure with stem cell therapy.

3. Transplantology benefits are numerous for people who have been waiting for years to find a suitable donor. With stem cell therapy there’s a potential to coax stem cells to grow into a new tissue or organ that is biocompatible to the transplant receiver virtually eliminating chances of organ rejection. The stem cell transplant taken from a patient’s own body called an autologous stem cell transplant can help people cure many deadly illnesses like myeloma and start living the life to the fullest.

4. Stem cell hair regrowth is a very promising field of medical science that will end hair loss struggle for male and female patients alike. Though, hair stem cell therapy is not very common at this point, the general theory suggests that in the future skin cell stems will be harvested from a patient’s hair producing follicles, implanted in bald areas and coaxed to produce new hair growing follicles, thus creating new hair growth.

5. Spinal cord injuries stem cell therapy is a very promising field of research that can help many para- and quadriplegic patients who are wheelchair bound and help them start walking again. Patients’ own stem cells harvested from bone marrow or other areas can be concentrated in a lab setting and later re-introduced into patients’ bodies in hopes to repair spinal cord tissues and restore mobility.

6. Stem cell for treating senile dementia and Alzheimer’s is one of the future benefits that this type of research can bring about. Though, the stem cell treatment to repair faulty neuron cells is still in the research phase, millions of Alzheimer’s sufferers can potentially get full of partial relief, or at least slow down the progression of this serious condition that brings so much pain to patients and their families.

7. Growing limbs for amputation patients is still a little farfetched and might not sound realistic but currently there’s a clinical trial going on at the University of Utah that focuses on using stem cell injections into patients with advanced vascular disease who are at a high risk of amputation. These stem cells can virtually create new and healthy blood vessels and save patients from the need of undergoing limb amputations.

8. Arthritis stem cell therapy is a huge benefit to humanity as currently there are over 40 million arthritis patients only in the US. Arthritis stem cell treatment can restore joint tissue by producing healthy joint tissue cells and end painful and debilitating condition.

9. Heart disease stem cell therapy is a revolutionary approach to treat a multitude of heart conditions ranging from congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy and other heart related diseases. The theory behind this treatment is harvesting mesenchymal stem cell from a patient’s own bone marrow and differentiating them to form new heart cells that are later placed into a patient’s heart to promote heart tissue repair.

10. Autism stem cell therapy is a godsend for millions of parents struggling to find a cure for their children. Stem cells injections are currently used to repair affected parts of the brain cells in countries like China and Mexico. While the stem cell therapy for autism is not commonly practiced in the US, the scientific research is widely conducted. Autism stem cell treatment should work on re-growing new and repairing existing cells of the gray and white matter of the brain.