Stop Bad Breath Permanently – Is It Possible?

Stop Bad BreathBecause most people that have clean healthy mouths do not experience chronic halitosis, it might not seem like it is possible to stop bad breath. Omitting a sharp, unpleasant odor every time that you speak does not necessarily indicate that you need to brush more often, especially if you have been to your dentist lately. Simple bad breath remedies consisting of baking soda and peroxide will get rid of most of the odor causing bacteria in your mouth, but the results will not be permanent.

There is no foolproof halitosis cure, but there are multiple ways you can at least make your bad breath less severe. First, make sure that you are not having any tooth decay symptoms such as pain, swelling or extreme sensitivity to small shifts in temperature. Having a rotting tooth in your mouth will almost certainly halt your efforts to stop bad breath.

In order to stop bad breath permanently, you will also need to stop eating any foods known for causing halitosis. Spicy foods or a diet that doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates may cause bad breath, at least in some individuals. Drinking a large amount of water will also prevent dehydration, which is a notorious cause of bad breath.

You may get rid of bad breath today only for it to come back tomorrow. As long as you are able to keep halitosis at bay by thoroughly brushing your teeth, tongue and gums, the permanency of your results should not be a major concern. In essence, preventative care is crucial in stopping bad breath. Develop healthy oral hygiene habits to keep halitosis from becoming permanent in your life.

Lastly, diseases of the mouth and major illnesses may induce secondary symptoms like bad breath. Since halitosis is only a symptom, you can stop bad breath by taking care of the primary cause. When regular methods fail, you can be certain that there is a more serious cause behind your case of halitosis.
In the meantime, continue to clean your teeth and take care of your mouth so that you can mask your oral odors.