Stop Smoking Hypnosis Vs. Other Methods!

Stop Smoking HypnosisQuitting smoking can be hard. Fortunately, there are many treatments such as stop smoking hypnosis that a person can try after making a firm decision to quit smoking.

Smoking can affect a person physically and psychologically. Some of the benefits of giving up smoking are as follows:

– Significant increase in sexual health in men. According to a study on smoking and erectile dysfunction, quitting smoking significantly increased the problem in men.

– Study reveals that quitting smoking can improve a person’s personality.

– Improvement in a country’s economy. A financial study shows US spends billions of dollars on smoking, in healthcare expenditures, deaths and reduced productivity.

Stop smoking hypnosis has mixed reviews. One in every four people cannot be hypnotized. Some clinical evidence does show its effectiveness on increasing the will power and creating a dislike towards smoking. Although, this treatment can be effective, evidence shows that it requires other treatments in conjunction.

In case you are not satisfied with hypnosis, you could try acupuncture to stop smoking. There is very little clinical evidence that shows its effectiveness on smoking. According to a study, acupuncture is a treatment worth giving a try if all other treatments fail. Between acupuncture and stop smoking hypnosis, the latter has more evidence and good reviews.

If you are not a fan of needles, you could opt for another non-medication type treatment such as laser treatment to stop smoking. This treatment is like acupuncture, but does not use needles to stimulate the energy points. There are no clinical studies that support its effectiveness on smoking.

There are other methods like Nicotine therapy, non-nicotine medication, group therapies and self-help therapies. The first two methods can be helpful, but come with their set of side effects. The latter two are shown to be effective than no smoking intervention, but not as effective as other methods.

Out of all the methods, stop smoking hypnosis does seem to be a treatment of choice. Consider combination treatments, which may be more effective in helping you quit smoking.