Stop Snoring Pillow Review – Real Solution or Marketing Trick?

stop snoring pillowIf you stay up late enough at night, you are bound to see infomercial after infomercial trying to sell you a wide variety of things that you probably don’t need. Perhaps they feel that people are more susceptible to impulse buys like stop snoring devices late at night, or, perhaps it is because television slots are a lot less expensive in the wee hours of the midnight.

Regardless, late night T.V. viewing will eventually have you stumbling upon very convincing salespeople trying to convince you that you have to have a stop snoring pillow. Not only do you need it, the people around you need it, because apparently, according to them, your snoring problem is ruining the good night’s sleep of the people in your household as well.

Not only are many of the currently marketed stop snoring products ineffective, they are often horrendously expensive. In the case of pillows, an average specialty nighttime headrest will run you quite a bit more than your bargain pillow. The worst part? There is little to no medical evidence that a stop snoring pillow will actually keep you from sounding like a gargling troll while you sleep. Some of them, such as those designed to force to sleep on your side, have a small chance of reducing the volume of your musical nighttime breathing, but hardly deliver when it comes to actual results. In short, purchasing a stop snoring pillow is about as effective as buying a diet coke with an extra value meal from a fast food joint. Sure, it serves the purpose of rehydration, just as a stop snoring pillow provides you a place to rest your head, but it provides very little additional function, you may as well buy what you like.

Once you have given up the search for a stop snoring pillow, you can focus on what you really need, which is a good quality item that suits your needs and your sleep style. Belly surfers will appreciate the flattest pillows possible, while back sleepers will benefit from those with good neck support. Side dozers need a pillow to provide additional bulk between the head and shoulder. Finding the right pillow for you might eliminate your need for a stop snoring pillow altogether in fact by allowing your body to be comfortable and adequately positioned for deep and restful sleep. Don’t forget to change your pillow often too. Over time, they break down and fill up with the byproducts of, well, you! And, all that dirt, dead skin and dust mites can really aggravate your sinuses and make sleeping exponentially more unpleasant.

If your snoring really is disrupting your household as the people in the late night commercials will have you believe, there are all sorts of remedies you can consider that might actually work. Snore remedies in the form of nasal apparatuses and mouthpieces along with breathing exercises to stop snoring have been used with some successes. Additionally, you can consider changing positions or sleeping in different ways until you find what feels right to you, and keeps your inhale volume to a minimum. There are many techniques you can try to utilize to combat your snoring, but save your hard earned dollars and pass on the special snoring pillows.