Strontium For Osteoporosis – When Is It Prescribed?

Strontium For OsteoporosisStrontium can be found in health food stores and pharmacies, typically amongst other products marketed to consumers over 50. Using strontium for osteoporosis may or may not improve your symptoms, but medical research has shown that this earth element is needed to help produce new healthy bone tissue.

In the United States, prescription versions of strontium do not exist. Instead, health supplements may compounded in a highly concentrated version and then prescribed to sufferers of osteoporosis. This is also something commonly ordered for patients who are severely vitamin D deficient. Defined almost as being an osteoporosis natural treatment, strontium rarely induces side effects and is virtually harmless when taken in recommended amounts.

Only osteoporosis screening can be used to positively identify osteoporosis. Older people are more prone to fractures simply because of the effects of the aging process, but having several osteoporosis risk factors can increase your chances of having the disease greatly. Taking supplements like strontium for osteoporosis along with a prescription based therapy such as Boniva can provide a good amount of protection. You will always be somewhat susceptible to bone breaks and injuries, but following a healthy lifestyle and taking strontium for osteoporosis will give you a strong defense.

You should follow the dosing instructions on your strontium supplements, or speak to a medical expert about the ideal daily dosage of strontium. Overdose can occur when excess strontium is taken once, or over an extended period of time. Even if you have severe osteoporosis, strontium overdose will only cause more harm than good. Your body will not be able to absorb the extra strontium, and your digestive system will react negatively.

Before you are able to decide on a prescription medication, you can begin your strontium for osteoporosis regime and work towards having better bone health. Strontium is natural, there are no major side effects and it is easy to acquire. Osteoporosis may not be curable, but there are many ways in which you can enjoy your life and stay healthy without making any concessions. Take part in all of your favorite physical activities and let bone fractures be a thing of the past.