Sugar and Immune System Controversy: Good or Bad?

Sugar and Immune SystemThe recent sugar and immune system controversy highlights the link between immune system function and your intake of sugar. Scientific studies have shown a decrease in immune system function when high amounts of sugars are ingested frequently, and this decreases can have a number of effects on your body. A blood sugar level chart shows that the higher your blood sugar levels are, the less effective your immune system is. One of the biggest reasons for obesity and many other medical problems today is an increase in sugar consumption and a decrease in immune function. Autoimmune diseases are also on the rise, and in these cases the body loses the ability to differentiate between body tissues and invaders.

Sugar and immune system function have a proven link, although diets that do not contain any sugars or carbs are not the best option. Your body does need some sugars each day to function properly, and this includes optimal immune system function. Too much of this ingredient can lead to diseases and medical problems, because your immune system is no longer as effective. Even your innate immunity, which is biological and present at birth, will lower if your diet includes many sugary foods.

Large amounts of sugar can lead to a weakened immune system, but all fruits and vegetables contain some sugars and you need these foods for good health and fitness. The sugar and immune system controversy does not specify specific foods, and this may lead to individuals cutting out all forms of sugar. You can include sugar in limited amounts without hurting your immune system, as long as the right sugars are chosen.

The sugar and immune system link shows that your food choices are crucial to your health. Eating nutritious foods low in sugars and high in nutrients can be a way of boosting immune system naturally. Fiber rich foods also play a part, because fiber helps lower your blood sugar levels and prevent immune system problems. The problem is not all sugar and immune system decreases, just too much of this nutrient and the wrong types of foods.