Suppressed Immune System and Herpes Connection

Suppressed Immune SystemWhen people think of a suppressed immune system, they may confuse it with a weakened immune system. While there may be some similarities, they are really very different. When a person experiences suppressed immune system, it is usually due to a number of serious underlying health conditions like an immunodeficiency syndrome, an autoimmune illness, or immune suppressing therapy that precedes organ transplants. When a patient is going to have an organ such as a lung, kidney or heart transplant, they are put on immune suppressing drugs.

The purpose of these drugs is to prevent the white blood cells from attacking the new organ. This will give you a suppressed immune system. The purpose of the white blood cells is to protect the body from infections and diseases. When an organ is transplanted into the body, the white blood cells treat it like a foreign body, and attack it, causing a rejection of the organ.

Doctors will prescribe an anti-rejection drug for the purpose of suppressing the immune system. This drug will make the white blood cells see the new organ as something that belongs there rather than an invader.

While you have a suppressed immune system, you are more likely to contract herpes. There are two different types of herpes viruses. One is also known as oral herpes. This is mostly known as cold sore herpes virus. The second herpes virus is also known as genital herpes virus. Only about twenty to twenty-five percent of carriers are aware that they have the herpes virus. While you are on immunity suppression drugs, the herpes virus will be easier to contract since your white blood cells will not be working at one hundred percent.

You will want to continue with your suppressed immune system until your doctor feels that it is safe for you to begin building a strong immune system again. At this time, you may also want to discuss the possibility of natural immunity boosters rather than medications. As with any medical procedure, you will want to be aware of all of the facts before committing yourself.