Suprapubic Catheter Care

Suprapubic CatheterIf you have had a suprapubic catheter put in then understanding the proper care that is required to prevent infection and make sure that the catheter drains properly is crucial. Unlike urethral catheterization, where the catheter is placed in the bladder through the urethra, a suprapubic catheter is inserted directly into the bladder through a small surgical incision, normally done with a local anesthetic. This procedure may be done because you are unable to urinate due to injury, illness, or other another reason, and the catheter will need to stay in place for some time. One reason this type of catheter may be used is because of urinary inconsistency, which can prevent complete emptying of the bladder and increase the risk of infections and other problems.

After the suprapubic catheter has been placed you will need to clean the incision area twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. First remove the bandage. Use a clean washcloth and a clean bar of soap each time, and gently wash and then rinse the skin around the incision, using care not to be rough. If you have a stitch placed to secure the catheter make sure not to get the stitch wet unless directed to. Use a clean hand towel to dry the area around thebladder catheter, and then place a clean bandage over the area. If directed to by your doctor you can place a small amount of antibiotic ointment around the incision.

After emptying the drainage bag of your suprapubic catheter, and the need for this will depend on your urinary frequency, make sure to use an alcohol pad and wipe the plug of the catheter before you replace it. This prevents any bacteria from getting into your bladder or incision and causing an infection. Clean the drainage bag every day or two with soapy water. Taping the suprapubic catheter to your skin will prevent any pulling which can lead to irritation. If you notice any signs of an infection or blockage, such as a fever or no urine being drained with a need to urinate, contact your doctor right away.