Surgery For Flat Feet – When Is It Required?

Surgery For Flat FeetScheduling surgery for flat feet should come as a last resort. Persons that have flat feet have an abnormally low arch. They may have footwear limitations and have difficulty while running, but there are rarely other complications. The most common flat feet treatment consists of a pair of orthopedic shoes or special shoe inserts. Unless you cannot walk normally, or experience extreme pain in the feet, you probably won’t need surgery for flat feet.

Flat feet pain is often found when a patient has other disorders of the foot. For instance, plantar fasciitis is a disorder that goes hand in hand with flat feet. As plantar fasciitis is extremely painful, doctors may want to perform surgery for flat feet in order to give patients some level of relief. Sometimes, flat feet in children can be extremely painful. If a doctor believes that a child with flat feet will never improve without medical intervention, surgery will be performed.

If flat feet insoles allow you to run normally and without pain, then there is no reason that you should go under surgery. Even when some people begin to feel discomfort because of their flat feet, it is often because they have not been properly fitted. Even small yet benign medical issues such as corns, cracked heels and blisters can cause you to be in extreme pain. However, if your flat feet pain cannot be explained or alleviated with a new pair of shoes or better insoles, a surgical procedure just might be your best option.

While several new surgical techniques that improve the chances of success after flat feet surgery have emerged, this is still a procedure that many doctors are apprehensive to recommend. When the muscles of the foot are severed, it takes a very long time for them to heal. Lastly, surgery for flat feet is a must if it is impossible for you to bend your foot while walking. When there is too much tension between the heel of the foot and the sole, normal, everyday movements become greatly inhibited. A traumatic injury may be the cause of your foot issues, but sometimes flat feet can be overlooked for many years.