Surgical Scar Removal: Benefits and Drawbacks

Surgical Scar RemovalEvery surgical intervention always comes with a list of both benefits and drawbacks, and only you and your doctor can assess your case to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks and surgical scar removal is for you.

Scar removal surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually requires a day of hospital stay to make sure you recover well from the surgery and don’t develop any complications.

During a surgical scar removal your surgeon will cut away any excessive scar tissue overgrowth and carefully stitch wound edges back to form a much thinner and less prominent scar line. Facial scar removal strategy sometimes uses irregular-shaped incision lines around the scar to create a less noticeable mark on your skin.

Keloid scar removal surgery is considered one of the most complicated to perform as the keloid tissue can return to its original state even after surgical scar removal procedure. In such cases, your surgeon might additionally treat your scar area with steroid injections to reduce inflammation and improve the formation of a new scar.

Surgical scar removal method provides patients with a wide range of benefits to correct especially large and prominent facial scars that might make a person very self-conscious and other scar removal options might not address. Burn victims will greatly benefit from surgical scar removal as it’s often combined with new skin graphs to substitute for the damaged skin areas.

However, even the best scar removal surgery unfortunately has some drawbacks associated with adverse reaction to anesthetic, blood clots, elevated blood pressure, long recovery times and significant costs.

If you have some minor scars, there are many innovation non-surgical options available at your dermatologist’s office today like laser acne scar removal that will erase the top layer of the skin and make your acne scars appear less vivid.

Chicken pox scar removal options also include microdermabrasion, chemical peel and laser scar removal methods to reveal a clearer skin of yours.

Your doctor is your best ally in helping you decide if the surgical scar removal procedure will bring the best results in your situation.