Swimmers Ear Infection – How to Deal with Otitis Externa?

Swimmers Ear InfectionSwimmers ear infection occurs not only after swimming, but any time you are subject to humid environment and extra fluid does not get properly drained and becomes perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, abrasive irritations can occur in your outer ear canal if you aggressively clean your ears or introduce any objects inside your ears, including cotton swabs, hearing aids or else.

According to new medical findings, ear drops for swimmers ear are a much superior treatment over oral antibiotics ear infection treatments that kill your favorable intestinal bacteria and wrecks havoc in your health.

Most home remedies for ear infections include antiseptic and acidic ingredients intended to kill bacteria and create acidic environment that promotes healing and helps you get over your swimmers ear infection faster. Try mixing an ounce of white vinegar with an ounce of rubbing alcohol, instill 2-3 drops into each affected ear as one of the best natural ear infection treatments. Another helpful swimmers ear infection treatment not only provides antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal relief but it can clear clogged ear on top of that. Smash one garlic clove in an ounce of extra virgin olive oil, warm it to body temperature over a water bath and instill approximately 2-3 drops into each ear to bring fast swimmers ear infection relief.

If it seems like you’ve been getting quite a few of swimmers ear infections lately, perhaps you should use some preventative measures to keep moisture away from your ears. Wear a swimming cap when you are swimming and try not to dive or swim under water until you get swimmers ear infection under control. Try using ear plugs when you are in the shower and put a drop of rubbing alcohol in each ear to help keep your ears dry after each water exposure.