Swine Flu Conspiracy: Myths and Facts

Swine Flu ConspiracyWhile there is a substantial assumption by many who feel there is a swine flu conspiracy, more facts about the contagious swine flu side effects continue to emerge making this disease a real deal whether purposely man-made or not. When one suffers from swine flu symptoms, which may or may not lead to life threatening swine flu side effects, he or she may wonder how it all came about, whether the illness is of natural origins or a swine flu conspiracy. Is it just a different strain of the average flu? Was a virus purposely planted to cause an epidemic? In today’s less than trusting society, there is much controversy about a swine flu conspiracy.

Either way the virus is spread, whether it is a swine flu scam or not, the disease itself comes with facts and myths of the disease:

Myth: By consuming pork, the chances of contracting the swine flu increases.
Fact: Consume all the bacon, ham, and pork you desire. The swine flu cannot be caught by eating pork products.

Myth: Contact with a pig will cause an outbreak of the swine flu.
Fact: The swine flu is spread from human to human.

Myth: Wearing a mask will prevent the swine flu.
Fact: Although there is not a 100% guarantee of mask protection, wearing one would be somewhat of a protection.

Myth: Swine flu cannot be contracted by touching infected surfaces.
Fact: It is best to keep household surfaces as clean and disinfected as possible as contagious germs will linger on countertops, toys, remote controls, keyboards, etc.

Myth: The swine flu has come to be more fatal than the average flu.
Fact: As of 2009, over 30,000 fatalities were associated with the standard seasonal flu. The losses from the swine flu were substantially less.

The swine flu conspiracy may evolve questions as to why this disease is so controversial. No matter how this disease has come about, there is also a focus on the most efficient ways of preventing the symptoms and spread of the virus. Although some swine flu vaccine side effects may be experienced, this as well as proper hand washing is of the most highly suggested means of protection against the disease.