Swine Flu Scam vs. Reality – Pandemic or Not?

Swine Flu ScamWith the controversial concept of the swine flu scam, many feel there is a lot to be profited from the swine flu panic. Everything from air purifiers to face masks is marketed for the fight against becoming one of the confirmed cases of swine flu. Even the FDA warns against the swine flu scam which will reel some folks into the very swine flu panic which stirs up worldwide turmoil. In fact, federally staffed officials have warned several providers of more than 140 products promising to ease swine flu symptoms or prevent the disease altogether. Whether an immune boosting vitamin or herb, or an antibacterial solution, the swine flu scam is underway with such products marketed to the public.

Although there is thought to be a swine flu conspiracy, this doesn’t take away the fact that there are thousands of confirmed cases of swine flu each year. Is the swine flu a pandemic situation? There has been a global reality to those who have suffered or died from complications of the illness. However, this also holds true for victims of the seasonal flu, but at a much higher level of hospitalizations or death. Perhaps the swine flu raises more concern because of the age group targeted by the disease. Unlike the seasonal flu which isn’t as age selective, people under the age of 25 are more prone to be affected by the swine flu more so than older individuals.

Since the swine flu has recently gained attention on a pandemic level, the public continues to be bombarded with ways of preventing the illness. While fear of the virus continues to be instilled in the public, the profitable swine flu scam continues to earn money for many businesses of different levels from products to medications.