Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects – What to Watch Out For?

Swine Flu Vaccine Side EffectsThe swine flu virus, otherwise known as H1N1, has raised concern for many, especially in the past few years when the swine flu panic began to emerge. Although here say has led people to believe this disease is contracted from pigs to people, the truth of the matter is that the swine flu is passed from person to person. Due to the increased outbreaks of the contagious disease, the public has been advised to be vaccinated against this particular flu. Like any such immunization, the swine flu vaccine side effects are experienced by some individuals, but not all.

There are many who choose not to be vaccinated because of the possible swine flu vaccine side effects or the fear of the swine flu shot ingredients. Like the standard flu, swine flu symptoms include a sore throat accompanied by a fever, chills, weakness, and body aches. Since these conditions may be a result of other illnesses, a doctor will most likely test specifically for H1N1. In rare cases of non-immunized swine flu patients with suppressed immune systems, serious complications like septic shock, meningitis, or encephalitis may be experienced. The average incubation period for swine flu is from 2 to 7 days, and sometimes up to 10 days from the time of contact with an infected swine flu patient.

The fear of any swine flu vaccine side effects is what keeps the majority from being immunized against the disease. However, the swine flu side effects outweigh any swine flu vaccine side effects which may or may not be suffered. As with other typical vaccines, the H1N1 vaccine may cause tenderness or redness to the injection side. Other more intensive effects include muscle aches, extreme weakness, and nausea. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is recommended that pregnant woman, healthcare industry workers, children through young adulthood ages 6 months to 24 years, and those between 25 and 64 years with threatening immunities should consider receiving the swine flu vaccine, despite the concern for swine flu vaccine side effects.