Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Women

Symptoms of Bladder InfectionAlthough bladder infections are experience by men and women alike, it seems that women are more prone to acquiring such a condition. Doctors feel the reason for this is due to the shorter urethra and the physical location, an area where bacteria will migrate to and settle. With early treatment and at the first symptoms of bladder infection, this condition is highly treatable without any complication. When a bladder infection is not treated, more complex issues such as kidney infections may possibly occur. Very often, a urinary tract infection home remedy is used before settling for prescription medications. Home remedies have a higher success rate if used at the first symptoms of bladder infection. Aside from home remedies and prescribed antibiotics, a last resort for extreme urge incontinence is urinary incontinence surgery.

There a various symptoms of bladder infection in women, one of which is commonly known as burning and frequency of urination. At times, it seems the bladder just cannot be emptied completely. One may continuously feel the urge to urinate. However, besides the bladder leakage, there isn’t much in the bladder to expel even though the feeling to urinate is there. Other symptoms of bladder infection are discolored and/or foul smelling urine.

Blood in the urine is one of the alarming symptoms of bladder infection. When a female suffers from a bladder infection, she may also run a low temperature and have a lack of urinary control. This is especially true at night. Another symptom a woman may experience when suspicious of a bladder infection is the pain with sexual intercourse. A dull ache with heaviness in the abdomen along with other symptoms may very well be diagnosed as a bladder infection. If ever such symptoms occur and a bladder infection is suspected, one should take measures to fight the infection before it leads to other complications.