Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate Gland

Symptoms of Enlarged ProstateAll men should understand the symptoms of enlarged prostate, as well as the signs of a prostate infection, so they know when to consult a physician for these concerns. An enlarged prostate occurs in most older men and is a benign condition normally, but prostate cancer can also cause enlargement of the gland and some of the same symptoms. If a prostate condition has never been diagnosed and you are suddenly unable to urinate you should see your doctor to determine the cause of the problem. Not being able to urinate, urination which stops and starts, and a frequent need to urinate but with little urine output are all signs that the prostate has become enlarged.

Feeling the need to urinate but having difficulty starting is another one of the symptoms of enlarged prostate. You may also feel the need to strain while trying to urinate, or be unable to empty your bladder completely. Sometimes blood may be seen in the urine, and you may feel the need to urinate often during the night and wake up to go. Symptoms of enlarged prostate gland can also include kidney stones, because the bladder and kidneys are not voiding completely, and kidney function impairment.

Another condition which may have similar symptoms to prostate enlargement is a male urinary tract infection. If this infection is the cause of the problem then antibiotics will be required, and a doctor. will need to write the prescription and diagnose the infection. Another sign that your prostate gland has become enlarged is dribbling which occurs at the end of your urination. Any symptoms of enlarged prostate should be checked out medically, before any treatment is started. One treatment option available isenlarged prostate surgery, but if your symptoms of enlarged prostate are mild and do not interfere with your daily activities or life then this may not be the right choice. Roughly half of the men who suffer from this condition only have mild symptoms, which may not be severe enough to warrant surgery.