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5 Delicious Healthy Artichoke Recipes To Try!

Healthy Artichoke RecipesThe artichoke can scare off even the most seasoned culinary pro. Its daunting appearance and confusing composition can leave many people uninterested in tackling it as a culinary craft. However, there are many healthy artichoke recipes that you can try that are simple and easy

Top 10 Artichoke Tea Benefits

Artichoke Tea BenefitsThe artichoke may be one of the strangest looking edibles around, and this flower bud, grown mostly in Europe, can be produced from seeds or root cuttings in areas that can tolerate its growth. Popularized in the 19th century in America

Artichoke Leaf Extract And Cholesterol

Artichoke Leaf ExtractStudies performed on artichoke leaf extract have shown that this natural remedy can help lower the cholesterol level of individuals who are healthy but have higher levels of this substance in the body. A study at the University of Reading in UK shows that the artichoke may be one of the top cholesterol lowering foods and a valuable part of any diet.