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Red Eye Symptoms – It Could Be Different Eye Diseases!

Red Eye SymptomsIf you are experiencing red eye symptoms, you may need to look a little harder in the mirror. Don’t just shrug your symptoms off as an allergy or dry eyes syndrome, ask yourself if your red peepers could be the sign of something more severe.

Red eyes look terrible, and although often not serious,

Itchy Eyelids and Bloodshot Eyes – What To Do?

Itchy EyelidsAre your friends running in fear on account of your grotesque looking peepers? Do you find people look at you like you are carrying the bubonic plague? Unfortunately, most people think conjunctivitis (pink eye) is the only eye condition in existence with visible symptoms.

Blepharitis Treatment At Home – What To Use?

Blepharitis TreatmentInflammation of the eyelash follicles, or blepharitis, causes crusty, red and swollen eyelids. Blepharitis symptoms can also include itching and burning eyes. While medical care is usually best recommended route for this condition, there are things that your doctor might recommend be used for blepharitis treatment at home.