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Blepharitis Treatment At Home – What To Use?

Blepharitis TreatmentInflammation of the eyelash follicles, or blepharitis, causes crusty, red and swollen eyelids. Blepharitis symptoms can also include itching and burning eyes. While medical care is usually best recommended route for this condition, there are things that your doctor might recommend be used for blepharitis treatment at home.

Bloodshot Eyes Treatment Natural Way

Bloodshot Eyes TreatmentAre you looking for bloodshot eyes treatment that is natural? First you should know that if you have blood shot eyes because of injury or if you are having eye pain, you need to see a health professional as soon as possible. Fortunately, the majority of cases of blood shot eyes aren’t that serious. Bloodshot eyes symptoms include both redness of the entire white part of the eye and bright red splotches. Bright red splotches mean that you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Bloodshot Eyes Symptoms – I Look Like A Vampire!

Bloodshot Eyes SymptomsBloodshot eyes symptoms include uniform redness of the white part of the eye or splotches of red. bloodshot eyes causes include injury, conjunctivitis, allergies, pollutants, hemorrhage, blepharitis, uveitis, and corneal ulcers caused by viral or bacterial infections. Bloodshot eyes symptoms are usually not vision threatening unless they are accompanied by pain. If you have eye pain or have an eye injury, you should see an ophthalmologist promptly. Viral conjunctivitis is quite common and also every contagious.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage Symptoms and Treatment

Subconjunctival HemorrhageYou wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and discover that there is a bright red splotch on one eye! You scurry to find an ophthalmologist (the type of eye doctor that treats diseases of the eye), go for a check-up, and are diagnosed with a subconjunctival hemorrhage! The diagnosis sounds worse than your eye looks. If you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage, you have a popped blood vessel in eye. These are very small blood vessels.

Top 10 Most Unusual Bloodshot Eyes Causes

Bloodshot Eyes CausesBloodshot eyes is a condition characterized by enlarged blood vessels on the surface of the eye caused by multiple factors like allergies, infections, irritants and diseases. Bloodshot eyes symptoms include, along with obvious redness, mild to severe eye dryness, eye discomfort, itching and burning, watery or yellow discharge and light sensitivity.

Here is a listing of bloodshot eyes causes in the most unusual cases: