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Lactoferrin Benefits and Side Effects

LactoferrinLactoferrin might sound like a funny name, but you are more familiar with it than you think because it’s one of the first things you ever ingested. Found in mother’s milk and in your own tears, it has always been a part of you.

Fighting infections is what lactoferrin is best known for.

Bovine Colostrum Review

Bovine ColostrumGlyconutrients such as a colostrum supplement, are gaining popularity in the fight against disease, infection, and inadequate immune systems. Bovine colostrum is the substance which is developed before milk is produced from a cow that has newly birthed. It is said to provide nutrients, growth, and immunity qualities to the babies, giving additional strength to fight against illnesses life threatening to the young.

Colostrum Supplement Side Effects

Colostrum SupplementThe milky substance which is initiated by the breasts just after and continuing a few days after giving birth is called colostrum. This is the substance which appears before the milk comes in. It is fortified with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates to battle against bacteria and viruses. Bovine colostrum is the first cow’s substance before a cow’s milk comes in. Colostrum is found to be way above in nutrients than regular milk. Colostrum is one of the glyconutrients which will protect and boost an immune system from various infections, diseases, and disorders. A colostrum supplement may be comprised from the milk of a cow and is available in many natural health food stores. A supplement will include vitamins and minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and immune and growth factors.

Glyconutrients Benefits and Side Effects

GlyconutrientsGluconutrients are carbohydrates derived from plants. There are many carbohydrates. Eight of these carbohydrates are important to normal body functioning. However, two of the glyconutrients called glucose and galactose are the most commonly found in a normal diet. These nutrients are particular carbohydrates providing the necessary steps for cells of the body to react effectively in boosting a weakened immune system. The cells distinguish between the good and the bad. Which cells are in need of nutrients will be recognized.