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Bulging Leg Veins Causes and Remedies

Bulging Leg VeinsWhen bulging leg veins get to the point of being noticeable, you will most likely be diagnosed with varicose veins. Often times, there are bulging veins in hands as well as the legs. This condition occurs when insufficient circulation is preventing optimal blood flow to the heart. Bulging leg veins happen when blood is pooled in the vein when not circulating sufficiently. This accumulation will cause the veins to bulge to the point of being palpable.

Varicose veins during pregnancy are especially common due to hormonal changes along with an increase of blood volume for mother and baby. The additional weight later on in pregnancy adds to the bulging leg veins.

Bulging Veins in Hands and Feet and Weight Loss

Bulging Veins in HandsUnlike bulging leg veins, bulging veins in hands is a mild condition caused by the thinning of skin while aging. Think back to your grandmother’s hands of delicate thinning skin with prominent, bulging veins in hands. Unfortunately, such near explosive veins are not only due to aging, thinning skin as your grand. Just like in the legs, varicose veins can emerge in the hands as well. Not only are these veins unattractive to the hands which are consistently in plain view, they become tender when touched, as well.

Painful Varicose Veins – What to Do?

Painful Varicose VeinsNot only are varicose veins unattractive, these bulging veins are also painful at times. This is most often true when standing for hours or continuously walking. Although bulging leg veins are the varicose veins usually noted, varicose veins can be found on other parts of the body, as well. As these veins grow, so does the pain. Painful varicose veins occur when blood is continually pooled to one area as the blood is forced to flow backwards and veins enlarge. When circulation is compromised like this, leg and foot swelling will begin as well as discomfort. Bulging veins in hands is also possible, although this condition is most common in the lower extremities.