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7 Interesting Celery Nutrition Facts

Celery Nutrition FactsWhen most people think of celery, they think of nothing more than the perfect accompaniment to hot wings, or an ideal vehicle for peanut butter and raisins. Celery, however, is more than a condiment transportation device. In fact, the health benefits of celery are frequently overlooked, as this pale green plant has so much more to offer

Top 10 Health Benefits of Celery

Health Benefits of Celery1. Antibacterial Properties – One of the top health benefits of celery is that this vegetable can help fight off all types of infection. This includes infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and even fungi.

2. Reduced Inflammation – One of the celery juice benefits is the high vitamin C content.

Celery Seed Oil Uses in Herbal Medicine

Celery Seed OilAlthough celery seed oil is not very well-known in Western culture, it has a history of use in other parts of the world spanning thousands of years. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine practitioners used celery seed to treat water retention, colds, digestive problems, flu, arthritis, and liver and spleen disorders. Today’s most common herbal use for celery is celery seed diuretic, although it is also used for a variety of other common ailments and health issues.

Celery Seed Extract for Blood Pressure and Diuretic Uses

Celery Seed ExtractCelery seed extract is commonly used as a diuretic and for high blood pressure, and this herbal medicine has shown some scientific benefits in both of these areas. A celery seed diuretic can be used for a number of conditions, and these include high blood pressure, gout, and others. A diuretic can help with high blood pressure because it removes excess urine and sodium from your body, which otherwise will build up and make it harder for your heart to pump and cause your blood pressure to increase. Celery seed health benefits has been known for many years, and this herbal medicine has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times for medical purposes.

Top 10 Celery Seed Health Benefits

Celery Seed Health BenefitsCelery seed health benefits are numerous and here we composed a list of top 10 most popular ones:

1. Powerful Diuretic

A celery seed diuretic can help to eliminate any excess water and fluids that may build up in your body. Excess water retention makes it much harder for your organs to function, including your heart, and can cause uncomfortable bloating.