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Pyelonephritis in Children – 7 Things Parents Need to Know!

Pyelonephritis in ChildrenPyelonephritis in children is a urinary tract infection. This is the most common bacterial infection among children. Pyelonephritis in children is usually caused by bacterial infections and fungi. It’s important to be aware of the symptoms of pyelonephritis in children.

Below are seven things about pyelonephritis in children that every parent should know.

What Causes Kidney Infections?

What Causes Kidney InfectionAre you wondering what causes kidney infections and why some people are more prone to getting them compared to the others?

While answering the question what causes kidney infections, it’s important to point out that younger women are the most common group affected by kidney infections due to the anatomically shorter structure of the urethra and more active sexual status.

Let’s summarize what causes kidney infections:

1. Sexual intercourse significantly increases the risk of pushing anal and vaginal bacteria thru the urethral opening that can subsequently cause a urinary infection.

Renal Failure Symptoms – How To Spot Them?

Renal Failure SymptomsRenal failure symptoms can be a sign that there is a serious medical problem, but how can you know if you are suffering from this condition? Your kidneys are important organs, and they help flush out wastes and perform other necessary functions. Acute renal failure has three causes, and these are damage caused by an infection, poison, or medicines, a lack of blood flow to the kidneys, or a sudden blockage which prevents you from urinating. Kidney stones pain can be a symptom that indicates a medical evaluation is needed, because these stones may block your urinary tract at times.