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Coconut Water Diet Plan – What Other Foods To Include?

coconut water dietDiet fads are nothing new and one controversial newcomer is the coconut water diet. Proponents claim that basing your diet off of coconut water benefits such as high potassium, cholesterol benefits and can even help you look and feel younger.

Top 10 Coconut Oil Health Benefits

coconut oil health benefitsCoconut oil shares similar properties to both coconut milk and coconut water benefits, boasting heart, skin and digestive uses. However, coconut oil is very versatile, easily found and easy to incorporate into your everyday dietary routine.

Top 10 Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut Water Benefits1. Prevent Muscle Cramps- One of the biggest coconut water benefits is the prevention of muscle cramps. Coconut water is high in potassium and a deficiency in this mineral can cause cramps in your muscles.

2. Replenish Fluids In The Body-

Top 10 Benefits of Coconut Milk

Benefits Of Coconut Milk1. Maintain Beautiful Skin- Excellent skin health is one of the top benefits of coconut milk. A home remedy that involves rubbing the milk directly on the skin, as well as drinking the liquid can also be beneficial.

2. Improves Glucose Tolerance-