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Adenosine Stress Test Side Effects

Adenosine Stress TestAn adenosine stress test is done after a drug called adenosine is administered in the arm by IV. When adenosine is given, the body reacts like it is exercising. Pictures are taken with a specialized camera which will view blood as it flows to the heart. This type of test is performed by a nuclear medicine technologist who specializes in this type of procedure. As far as preparation for this test, the patient is not to drink any caffeinated products within 24 hours of taking the test.

End Stage Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

End Stage Congestive Heart FailureWhen the heart doesn’t pump the sufficient amount of blood through the body, and arteries are insufficiently performing, a condition by the name of congestive heart failure, or CHF, will occur. As this happens, fluids will accumulate in various areas. Feet and ankles will swell, and the lungs will be affected as well. The four stages of CHF correlate with the severity of the condition and are labeled as stages A through D. End stage congestive heart failure is at the stage D level. At this point of the condition, symptoms are present even at a resting state and medical care has no bearing on recovering.

Foot Swelling – What Might Be Causing It?

Foot SwellingIf you experience foot swelling on a regular basis this can be a cause for concern. There are many reasons that you may notice swelling in your feet, some that are no cause for concern and some that may be serious and require immediate medical attention. A mosquito bite swelling is one reason why your foot may swell, and if you get bit frequently this problem can recur. This cause is not serious, and usually the swelling will go down within hours.