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Contact Lens Cleaner – How to Choose The Best One?

Contact Lens CleanerIf you wear contacts, whether they are gas permeable contact lenses or the soft variety, you will want to know how to choose the right cleaner for them. There is more than one brand of contact lens cleaner, and each one may contain unique ingredients. Some individuals are sensitive to certain cleaners available on the market, while others use these same products with no problems. Ask your eye doctor which cleaner they recommend, and then start with that one.

Contact Lens Keratitis – How to Deal with This Condition?

Contact Lens KeratitisContact lens keratitis is an inflammation of the eye cornea caused by improper contact lens hygiene, cleaning, storage and mechanical abrasions that cornea experiences with each blink of an eye. Contact lens keratitis is diagnosed in approximately 60,000 people across the globe every year according to recent medical statistics.

Improper lens selection, rough insertion and removal can all contribute to corneal damage and to bloodshot eyes causes.

7 Fungal Keratitis Facts

Fungal Keratitis

Sicca Syndrome Causes and Remedies

Sicca SyndromeSicca syndrome takes its name from Latin word “sicca”, meaning dryness. Sicca syndrome is described by uncomfortable burning, itching and gritty sensations present in the eyes affected by dry eyes syndrome.

Dry eyes syndrome accompanied by dry lips and mouth are the classical Sjogren’s syndrome symptoms that are caused by patient’s own immune system attacking tear and saliva producing glands. Sicca syndrome signs can also be present after a person undergoing a face radiation therapy necessary as part of cancer treatment, which in some cases destroys or impairs function of tear and salivary glands.