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Jaw Surgery Cost Without Insurance – How To Get A Discount?

Jaw Surgery CostInsurance isn’t likely to start covering cosmetic procedures anytime soon, and so unless you’re upper or lower jaw surgery is medically necessary, as in the case of corrective jaw surgery following trauma or to correct a debilitating congenital defect, it’s likely that you’ll be footing the bill.

Orthognathic Surgery Before and After

Orthognathic SurgeryOrthognathic surgery is to procedure which corrects jaw and facial conditions untreatable with braces. Such conditions may be related to growth, jaw and facial structure, TMJ disorders, and even sleep apnea. Orthognathic procedures will either be used as a corrective jaw surgery to fully correct a bite misalignment, or as a broken jaw surgery for a jaw which was forcefully misaligned, or also as a way to correct other disorders which interfere with the well being of a patient due to facial alignments and more. The facial skeletal elements will be surgically manipulated to restore the skeletal anomalies present before surgery.