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Dandelion Tea Diuretic Properties

Dandelion Tea DiureticThere are many uses for dandelion, perhaps its most well-known today being the dandelion tea diuretic. However, the herb has a checkered past of multiple uses in many different cultures. It is safe to say that the many benefits of dandelion tea have been known for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Top 10 Dandelion Tea Benefits

Dandelion Tea BenefitsNext time you decide to eradicate dandelion herb in your yard, read our article that provides Top 10 dandelion tea benefits. Perhaps knowing benefits of dandelion tea will make you respect this plant more that most of us consider a nuisance rather than a helper

Dandelion tea benefits are drawn from a whole plant including its roots. Dandelion leaves are best natural diuretic while the root is an excellent blood purifier.