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4 Wonderful Dandelion Recipes For Your Health!

Dandelion RecipesWhen you think of dandelions do you think of invasive weeds or tasty treats? Believe it or not, dandelion is used in a variety of foods and drinks and provides many health advantages. For instance, one of the most notable benefits of dandelion tea is its ability to act as a natural diuretic. Dandelion herb is used in a variety of culinary tasks,

Dandelion Herb Uses in Herbal Medicine

Dandelion HerbThe use of the dandelion herb for a variety of common physical ailments dates back hundreds of years. There are hundreds of dandelion species that grow through Europe, Asia and North America. As a matter of fact, dandelion grows so readily in North America that most Westerners consider it a weed. Not only is dandelion used as an herb, but its leaves are used in salads, dandelion root is used as a coffee substitute, and the flowers are used in wine making.

Dandelion Tea Weight Loss Treatment Review

Dandelion Tea Weight LossDandelion tea benefits a plethora of medical conditions like anemia, acne, diabetes, respiratory infections, water retention and high blood pressure. This plant that we literally step on daily by walking through our lawns can provide amazing dandelion tea weight loss treatment.

The secret of dandelion tea weight loss system is hiding in the leaves and the roots of the plant. While the leaves are the main source of dandelion tea diuretic potential, the roots or dandelions are potent liver purifiers helping body rid itself from harmful wastes and toxins. Combined together in a dandelion tea weight loss treatment, they can gently stimulate your body to excrete more water from your system and promote bile production necessary for proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Dandelion Tea Side Effects

Dandelion Tea Side EffectsEverything is good in moderation and even if it’s dandelion herb that has proven to alleviate so many health conditions, you should still exercise caution and talk to your doctor or a naturopath before starting dandelion root treatment.

While taking into consideration multiple dandelion tea benefits, one should still ask a question if this mighty herb is truly good for everyone or should some people try to avoid or limit it? There are groups of patients with certain conditions that might be especially prone to dandelion tea side effects. Patients affected by acid indigestion or on a hiatus hernia diet should not take dandelion herb preparations since their symptoms might be exacerbated.