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5 Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms To Watch Out For

liver cirrhosis symptomsCommonly a result of the effects of alcohol abuse but caused by other conditions as well, cirrhosis affects the liver by forming scar tissue which can be destructive and prevent the organ from functioning as it should. While later signs and symptoms in more advanced liver cirrhosis stages are easier to identify

Top 10 Alcohol Rehab Facilities in US

Alcohol Rehab FacilitiesReceiving treatment from the top alcohol rehab facilities is the best way to combat your drinking problem. Effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are detrimental to the health in the long term. Alcohol related deaths are increasing now more than ever. For that matter, one of the concerning alcohol abuse facts is that alcohol is the No.1 reason for the death among teens.

Top 10 Most Concerning Alcohol Abuse Facts

Alcohol Abuse FactsEffects of alcohol abuse in the long term can be detrimental to every organ in the human body. Here are the top 10 most concerning alcohol abuse facts:

1. The first time most people abuse alcohol tends to be in their mid teens. This can cause an early onset of drinking, which can continue into their adult years.

Alcohol And Heart Disease – Fresh View On Old Problem!

Alcohol And Heart DiseaseRecent studies that aim at studying the link between alcohol and heart disease are shedding light on the fact that moderate consumption of alcohol can actually reduce the risk of heart disease. According to a new study on the connection between moderate consumption of alcohol and heart disease, the risk of heart disease reduced in people who drank less than 1 drink per week when increased their consumption to moderate drinking.