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Post Mastectomy Exercises – How to Start a New Fit Life?

Post Mastectomy ExercisesPost mastectomy exercises are an important step in your mastectomy recovery, and these exercises can be used as a stepping stone to a fit new life and lifestyle. Recovering and working towards better health after your mastectomy, whether you have chosen to have the surgery because of a high risk of breast cancer or you needed double mastectomy surgery because cancerous tumors were found, can play an important role in your mental and physical well being. Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy or they may just give you literature and instructions on which exercises to do and how often they should be performed.

Mastectomy and Blood Pressure Measurement

Mastectomy and Blood PressureThere are a number of questions and concerns when it comes to mastectomy and blood pressure. Is it safe to take have your blood pressure taken on the same side on the body that a necessary or elective mastectomy has been done? What happens if you have had a double mastectomy performed? Is it still possible to take your blood pressure? All of these are common questions undergone a mastectomy, and knowing the answers is important if you have had this procedure done. In the past women were advised against using the affected arm because a radical mastectomy made constricting the affected arm dangerous. This is not always true today though.

7 Reasons to Choose Elective Mastectomy

Elective MastectomyIf you have been diagnosed positive for breast cancer you may have been told about treatment options one of which was elective mastectomy procedure. Before making a tough decision you may want to learn more when selecting elective mastectomy maybe beneficial:

1. Family History of Breast Cancer

If you have a family history of breast cancer then an elective mastectomy may be the right option in many cases.

Double Mastectomy Surgery: Pros and Cons

Double Mastectomy SurgeryDouble mastectomy surgery has both advantages and drawbacks, and if you are considering this procedure then you should do the research before making a final decision. Whether you are considering this surgery as an elective, because breast cancer runs in your family and you are at a high risk for this disease, or it is necessary due to cancer being detected in both breasts, you do have choices. Double mastectomy surgery can have many benefits for some women, but for others it may be unnecessary and extremely invasive.