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Eucalyptus Oil Uses For Skin, Hair and In Steam Room

Eucalyptus Oil UsesThere are literally dozens of eucalyptus oil uses, but people seem to favor the oil when it is used to treat the hair, skin and respiratory system. If you use a small amount of eucalyptus oil on your chest prior to entering a steam room, your sinuses will be clear and you will be able to breathe easier for hours on end.

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair Growth – Is It Really Working?

Eucalyptus Oil For HairIf you decide to use eucalyptus oil for hair, especially for hair growth, you may have varying results. It is a proven fact that eucalyptus oil stimulates the scalp, but this does not always result in increased hair growth. For example, using eucalyptus oil on a part of the body where hair is present won’t result in massive overgrowth.

Top 10 Eucalyptus Benefits

Eucalyptus BenefitsIf you have ever used a menthol based chest rub to help clear up a cold, you already know one of the many eucalyptus benefits. The eucalyptus tree yields leaves that are rich in a potent oil that is used to make cough drops, essential oil, hair products and even prescription drugs. This is a list of the 10 most recognizable eucalyptus benefits that users can expect.