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Knee Tendonitis – How To Deal with Jumper’s Knee Condition?

Knee TendonitisIn order for your knee to have the wide albeit limited range of motion that it does, it requires a connection between the knee cap and the shin that is flexible, but tough. This connecting tissue is the patellar tendon, and it’s part of what allows for the fluid movement of the knee. Certain activities can cause inflammation of this part,

Iliotibial Band Syndrome Stretches For Runners

Iliotibial Band Syndrome StretchesExercise is great for your overall health and well being, but all of that running, cycling and even walking can take a toll on your muscles, joints and ligaments. One common ailment of the physical over-achiever is iliotibial band syndrome. This common malady affects the tissue on the outside of the knee

Knee Clicking When Extending and Bending – What To Do?

Knee ClickingWondering why your knees are playing you a capella tune while flexing and bending? Knee clicking is very common and is most often harmless. The knee is a moving joint and sometimes it gets noisy. However, knee clicking can also signal a more serious and often painful condition such as torn cartilage in knee or a tear in the meniscus or a torn ACL.

Knee Pain After Exercise – Dangerous or Not?

Knee Pain After ExerciseFor people who choose to exercise to maintain good health or lose weight, knee pain after exercise can be frustrating. Exercise is important to maintain proper weight and increase overall health and body function, but pain following might have you headed for the couch instead of the 5K.

Best Exercises For Knee Pain

Exercises for Knee PainOur knees are amazing joints, allowing us to walk, stoop, kneel and bend. But if they are overused and abused they can cause a great deal of pain. Long distance runners are prone to develop IT band syndrome. In this condition, the iliotibial band which as a thick ligament that runs from the hip to the shin, shortens and becomes inflamed because it is rubbing against the femur. Iliotibial band stretches are used for both prevention and treatment.

Running and Knee Pain: 10 Tips How to Deal with It

Running and Knee PainKnee joints are considered the most flexible joints in the body intended for multiple functions like standing up, bending, twisting, rotating and many more.

Running and knee pain is a very common complaint that both amateur and experienced athletes are challenged with at various stages of their training careers. While beginner athletes might suffer sore knees from running due to weak muscles and improper work out routines, experienced athletes face running and knee pain due to previous knee injuries and considerable wear and tear of the knee joints.

These 10 tips will help you deal with running and knee pain regardless of your athletic accomplishments:

Top 10 Ways to Treat Meniscus Pain

Meniscus PainHave you recently injured your knee and are now suffering from meniscus pain? This article will provide you with 10 different ways to treat meniscus knee pain and help you return to your regular activities.

Anyone, young or old, can sustain an injury to meniscus, cartilage tissue under the knee; older people are just more prone to getting it due to age-related degenerative processes in the body.

Top 10 Exercises for Arthritic Knees

Exercises for Arthritic KneesExercises for arthritic knees are essential for you if you want to remain active and your regular exercises are causing too much pain due to osteoarthritis or subchondral cyst. This condition is majorly caused by injuries to the joint tissues due to obesity, sport traumas and age. The joint cartilage especially in the hips and knees breaks down over time causing pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Arthritis exercises will help you remain active, strengthen muscles around your knees, hips and your major core muscles making you feel better. Exercises for arthritic knees are especially designed to be easy on your sore joints and strengthening your quadriceps, quads and hamstrings to help stabilize the joints to reduce friction.