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Health Benefits of Asparagus Tea

Asparagus TeaWhen most people think of asparagus, they think of the non-child friendly green side dish that comes with a stinky side effect in the form of odiferous urine. However, asparagus is not only a healthy protein accompaniment, it’s also been used for a very long time in the use of medicine,

Top 10 Foods with Vitamin K Not to Use with Blood Thinning

Foods With Vitamin KVitamin K is an important vitamin essential for blood clotting. However, foods with vitamin K in high quantities can cause serious health problems if you are on medication to prevent blood clotting.

Top 10 Blood Thinning Foods

Blood Thinning FoodsIn healthy people, blood flows through the veins and arteries without forming any clots under normal circumstances. However, some individuals are prone to the formation of blood clots due to a host of medical conditions.

Top 10 Natural Blood Thinners for Thick Blood

Natural Blood ThinnersAmericans are one of the top nations in the world for heart diseases caused mostly by thick blood that causes excessive blood clotting, overall inflammation and tension in major organs and tissues.