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Toenail Discoloration – From Nail Polish or Nail Fungus?

Toenail DiscolorationIf you enjoy having pedicures, you might be displeased to learn that your toenail discoloration has actually been caused by nail polish. On the other hand, even people that go to the nail salon weekly do not have discolored nails. The only other plausible reason behind your strangely colored toenails is white toenail fungus.

White Toenail Fungus Treatment Options

White Toenail FungusSurprisingly there is more than one type of toenail fungus, with white toenail fungus being the most commonly occurring. All forms of nail fungi can grow on all different types of people, no matter how hygienic you are. However, white toenail fungus tends to develop more in persons that use public pools

Nail Fungus Home Remedy – Tea Tree Oil, Vinegar, Peroxide or Bleach?

Nail Fungus Home RemedyUsing a nail fungus home remedy is safe and will not cause liver damage, which most if not all nail fungus prescriptions do. More and more people are choosing to use more holistic practices opposed to prescribed medications when dealing with a fungal nail infection. Start with wearing loose fitting shoes that breathe or sandals to keep the fungus at bay.

Antifungal Nail Polish Review

Antifungal Nail PolishAfter first trying any number of home remedies, antifungal nail polish is often the next treatment choice for people who are suffering from this condition. When a mold or fungus gets into the nail bed, you develop toenail or fingernail fungus. This is a very frustrating condition. A fungal nail infection causes the nail to become thicker, deformed and discolored becoming yellowish or even black.

Fingernail Fungus Treatment Options

Fingernail FungusFingernail fungus can cause nails to thicken, turn yellow, and even pull away from the skin. Different fungi that can cause fingernail fungus include molds and yeasts. The fungus may attack the nail bed or the nail itself. If you develop fingernail fungus, you need to know that it will not go away on its own like many other ailments and pesky conditions. Over time, a fungal nail infection can cause permanent damage to the nail bed.