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Goldenseal Tea – Benefits and Where To Buy!

Goldenseal TeaGoldenseal has a rather sketchy reputation. It has long been thought of as an effective tool to clean the urine for traces of drug use. As many failed drug testee have discovered, goldenseal benefits do not include removing evidence of drug use from the urine. But, that doesn’t mean that all the perks that come from the goldenseal plant are invalid.

Goldenseal Plant Uses in Herbal Medicine

Goldenseal PlantIf you are interested in herbal medicine, then you should look into the goldenseal plant. Goldenseal is a plant that grows wild in North America but, because of overharvesting, is now endangered. For this reason, goldenseal is now grown commercially (and sometimes organically) on large farms throughout the United States, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountain area, where the climate is just right.