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Catnip Tea Benefits For Stress, Insomnia and Migraine Headaches

Catnip Tea BenefitsWhen we think of catnip, we think of cats. Perennial plant-laced toys, bells and teddies stuffed to the gills with catnip simply for the sheer enjoyment of the gift receiving feline.

Excessive Sleepiness Causes in Children

Excessive Sleepiness CausesIf your child is on any prescription drugs, this may be the real reason behind all excessive sleepiness causes. However, if your children are not on any medications and do not have any illnesses that could be causing excessive daytime sleepiness, you may have to do some detective work.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder in Children

Periodic Limb Movement DisorderSometimes stemming from Williams Syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder in children is a relatively rare occurrence. This illness also goes in hand with ADD and ADHD. When a child has a hyperactivity disorder, sometimes an rem sleep behavior disorder can develop.

Chronic Insomnia Symptoms and Treatment

Chronic InsomniaIf you fall off your usual sleeping pattern, even if for only a single day, you may begin to suffer from chronic insomnia. The causes of sleep deprivation can range from poor diet and stress to irregular sleeping habits. If you go to bed and wake up generally at the same time each day

Ashwagandha Sleep Aid Review

Ashwagandha Sleep AidIf you’re looking for an all-natural way to cure your night-time restlessness, you may want to look into starting on an ashwagandha sleep aid regime. Ashwagandha is a shrub that grows natively to North America and India and has a history of use stretching back for hundreds of years. Ancient Ayurvedic healers noticed the many ashwagandha health benefits and used the plant to treat infections, inflammation and fevers, and to promote overall wellbeing.

Ashwagandha Health Benefits

Ashwagandha Health BenefitsThe ashwagandha health benefits have been understood in Indian and African medicine for hundreds and even thousands of years. Although there may be some uncommon ashwagandha side effects which make this herbal medicine an unwise choice for some, it is generally safe for most individuals do not have pre-existing medical conditions. One of the benefits of ashwagandha extract is that it acts as a natural aid for sleeping, without any strong drugs or morning after effects. It is always a good idea to check with your physician before starting any herbal medicine though, whether it is used as one of herbal sleep aids or other treatments, because these may not be right for everyone.

Ashwagandha Side Effects

Ashwagandha Side EffectsThe ashwagandha health benefits are varied, but can include a stronger immune system and herbal medicine which helps to call to mind and rejuvenate the body. This herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but there can be ashwagandha side effects that you should be aware of before you start to take this herbal supplement. It is important that the ashwagandha dosage is carefully controlled to minimize and prevent these side effects. This herbal medicine is considered one of the most effective herbal sleep aids which is relatively safe to use, but it is not right for everyone. Before you consider using an ashwagandha sleep aid, or any other herb, you should always consult with your doctor.

Herbal Sleep Aids Pros and Cons

Herbal Sleep AidsSleepless nights are few for some, but too many for others. When falling asleep or staying asleep is a continuous issue, before too long sleep deprivation symptoms begin. There are many reasons for insomnia. Whether it is because of stress, various medical conditions, sleep apnea or other causes of sleep deprivation, finding the solution tailored for an individual is a challenge. There are over the counter medications, prescription medications, and herbal remedies such as herbal sleep aids for insomnia. Unlike various herbal sleep aids, some over the counter medications and prescription medications are addictive, have many side effects, and are expensive.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder: Causes and Remedies

Periodic Limb Movement DisorderWhen the legs are repetitively jerking and cramping while sleeping, a condition called periodic limb movement disorder, or PLMD, is most likely the cause. This leg movement with PLMD is at an uncontrollable rhythmic pattern of every 20 to 40 seconds. Periodic limb movement disorder is known as one of the crucial causes of sleep deprivation, leading to daytime grogginess. Restless leg syndrome is often confused with periodic limb movement disorder, although there is a difference between them. Periodic limb movement disorder occurs while sleeping and restless leg syndrome involves leg and occasional arm movement while awake. Another sleep disorder known as REM sleep behavior disorder involves motor behavior while sleeping as if to involuntarily act out a dream.

Top 10 Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

Herbal Remedies for InsomniaNatural herbal remedies for insomnia are available in a variety of forms whether it be supplements, tea, an herb spiked bath, or infusion of various natural cures for insomnia. When a professional herbalist assists in treating for a sleeping condition, the reason behind the insomnia is also taken into consideration. For instance, some herbal sleep aids have a dual purpose of easing stomach upset, or indigestion. Some herbal remedies for anxiety will also provide the benefits of insomnia treatment.

Top 10 Natural Snore Remedies of All Times

Natural Snore RemediesSnoring is a common annoyance affecting 45 percent of men and at least 30 percent of women. Loud snoring is often exacerbated by weight gain and age. There are those who snore on a nightly basis. Then, there are those who intermittently snore if medication or alcohol has been taken before bedtime, or if there is an underlying illness such as a virus lingering on. There are snore remedies which include stop snoring products or sleep apnea devices. Some snore remedies may work for some and not for others. The snoring individual or a desperate partner may readily try any of the suggested snore remedies, especially the natural solutions handed down from past generations.

Sleep Deprivation Symptoms – Natural Methods to Deal with Them!

Sleep Deprivation SymptomsSleep deprivation symptoms may result from working the night shift, being a new mom of a sleepless, crying baby, having insomnia, and more. For whatever the reason an individual does not get enough sleep required for their own body, sleep deprivation symptoms are experienced on a short and long term basis. With a lifestyle leading to a continuous lack of sleep, various side effects of sleep deprivation are sure to be experienced.

My Husband Has a Snoring Problem – What Should I Do?

Snoring ProblemSo, your husband (and it could be a wife or even a child in some cases) has a snoring problem. You are totally exhausted from continuous interrupted sleep while he is constantly snoring in slumberland. The fact is, although your husband appears to be resting comfortably, his snoring problem can be an indication of a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea, which includes episodes of breathing interruptions for up to 10 seconds at a time. There are various approaches to a sleep apnea cure as well as snore remedies with hopes of rectifying the annoying problem of snoring.

10 Ways to Deal with Loud Snoring

Loud SnoringSometimes, no matter how many quick fixes we will try for a snoring problem, whether it be herbal sleep aids or actual snore remedies, the annoying nightly occurrence of loud snoring just won’t go away. At least, that’s what your bed partner tells you. While you think you’re catching some decent Z’s for the night, your bed partner, and possibly everyone else in the household including the dog are ready to put a sock in your mouth to control the loud snoring that keeps them awake.