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Hoodia Diet Plan – What Other Foods To Include?

Hoodia DietHoodia is a succulent, African plant that has also been referred to as the hoodia gordonii cactus. However, for many a dietary supplement marketer, the most widely known name is simply hoodia gordonii. So what is the reason that hoodia gordonii diet pills are all the rage? Well, the answer is based in simple folklore.

Hoodia Gordonii Safety – What Dosage Is Recommended?

Hoodia Gordonii SafetyIf you are looking into using hoodia gordonii as a weight loss aid, you need to know about hoodia gordonii safety. Hoodia gordonii is a spiny succulent plant that grows in the Kalahari desert of South Africa. Hoodia gordonii got its reputation as one of the leading weight loss herbs from its use as an appetite suppressant by African bushman, who chew the heart of the cactus plant while on walking treks in order to avoid having to eat or drink for days at a time.

Hoodia Gordonii Cactus – Ultimate Weight Loss Solution Or Scam?

Hoodia Gordonii CactusIf you are looking for natural herbal weight loss remedies, you’ve no doubt heard of the latest craze: hoodia gordonii cactus. Hoodia gordonii is a spiny succulent that grows in the deserts of South Africa. For thousands of years, African bushmen have chewed the plant during long walking journeys in order to stave off hunger and thirst while maintaining their energy, and that’s how hoodia gordonii extract initially got its reputation for being an appetite suppressant.

Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills Review

Hoodia Gordonii Diet PillsIf you are looking for a natural herbal supplement that will help you lose weight, you should consider hoodia gordonii diet pills. Hoodia gordonii is a spiny succulent plant, similar to a cactus, that is native to Africa. It is believed that African bushmen from as far as one-hundred thousand years ago chewed on the hoodia gordonii cactus while on their foot treks, enabling them to go for days without food and still maintain their energy and health.

Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects

Hoodia Gordonii Side EffectsHoodia Gordonii diet pills along with other Hoodia containing products have been heavily marketed and promising great weight loss results based on centuries long experiences that African Bushmen had with chewing Hoodia Gordonii Cactus plant to suppress appetite during long hunting ventures across the Kalahari Desert.

Hoodia Gordonii safety has been widely researched in a number of animal studies that reported significant fat loss among different species of animals without major Hoodia Gordonii side effects. Multiple independent researchers were able to single out one active compound that is most likely responsible for blocking hunger signals sent to the brain and called it P57. In fact, P57 is a steroidal glycoside that doesn’t only suppresses hunger but reduces gastric acid production and the feeling of thirst.