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Horse Chestnut Cream For Varucose Veins and Hemorrhoids

Horse Chestnut CreamThe horse chestnut comes from a 10 story tall tree that is native to the Balkan Peninsula. The chemical composition of the seeds and bark of this tree have been making waves in the natural healing and scientific communities for decades recently, and with good reason.

Horse Chestnut Side Effects

Horse Chestnut Side EffectsThere are a number of possible horse chestnut side effects that may occur when this herb is used, and some of these side effects can be dangerous or even fatal. For many people the numerous horse chestnut benefits will be achieved without experiencing any side effects at all, but others may experience problems ranging from mild to severe and deadly.

Top 10 Horse Chestnut Benefits

Horse Chestnut Benefits1. Improve Vein Health and Flexibility- One of the top horse chestnut benefits concerns vein health and flexibility. This herbal remedy is often used for chronic venous insufficiency and other conditions caused by poor vein health and flexibility.

2. Treat Varicose Veins- This herb is commonly used to treat painful varicose veins in the legs,