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Iliotibial Band Syndrome Stretches For Runners

Iliotibial Band Syndrome StretchesExercise is great for your overall health and well being, but all of that running, cycling and even walking can take a toll on your muscles, joints and ligaments. One common ailment of the physical over-achiever is iliotibial band syndrome. This common malady affects the tissue on the outside of the knee

Knee Pain After Exercise – Dangerous or Not?

Knee Pain After ExerciseFor people who choose to exercise to maintain good health or lose weight, knee pain after exercise can be frustrating. Exercise is important to maintain proper weight and increase overall health and body function, but pain following might have you headed for the couch instead of the 5K.

Best Exercises For Knee Pain

Exercises for Knee PainOur knees are amazing joints, allowing us to walk, stoop, kneel and bend. But if they are overused and abused they can cause a great deal of pain. Long distance runners are prone to develop IT band syndrome. In this condition, the iliotibial band which as a thick ligament that runs from the hip to the shin, shortens and becomes inflamed because it is rubbing against the femur. Iliotibial band stretches are used for both prevention and treatment.

IT Band Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

IT Band SyndromeThe iliotibial band is a thick ligament that starts at the outside of the hip and runs down the side of the thigh to the knee and then down to the shin bone. Ligaments attach muscle to bone. During exercise like hiking, walking or running, the iliotibial band can shorten and actually rub against the outer side of your thigh bone. When this happens the band becomes inflamed. This condition is known as iliotibial band syndrome or IT band syndrome. Long distance runners are especially at risk for developing IT band syndrome.

Sore Knees From Running – What Should I Do?

Sore Knees from RunningSore knees from running are a very common problem not only in new aspiring runners, but even experienced well-seasoned athletes experience knee pains from time to time.

The best piece of advice that could be given for sore knees from running is prevention. If you get sore feet from running, the problem is probably in your footwear, always wear proper shoes designed specifically for running for proper shock-absorption. Take time to warm up and stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal muscles before you run. Try to avoid downhill courses as they put unnecessary pressure on the knees.