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Renal Cyst Symptoms and Treatment

Renal CystRenal cyst is usually found more often in people over fifty. About ninety percent of patients with renal cyst don’t even realize they have them. Unless they have actually grown quite large, there are very few symptoms. The kidney cyst symptoms include dull pain in the back or side, fever or upper abdominal pain and occasionally high blood pressure. There are two types of renal cysts. These are simple renal cysts or complex renal cysts.

Kidney Cancer Treatment Pros and Cons

Kidney Cancer TreatmentMost likely you were having kidney cancer symptoms such as blood in the urine, a lump or mass on the side or abdomen as well as rapid weight loss. Your doctor may have even noticed renal cyst that are not going away. So you’re diagnosed with kidney cancer, what next? We hear cancer and right away we start to panic. While that’s natural, be sure to calmly discuss your options for kidney cancer treatment with your physician as soon as possible. The sooner you begin treatment the better your kidney cancer survival rate will be.