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Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia Review

Knee Manipulation Under AnesthesiaKnee manipulation under anesthesia refers to the practice of putting a patient to sleep in order to manipulate the knee to promote proper flexing and functionality. This practice is typical for patients who have had knee replacement surgery and who have not yet obtained full and proper or expected function within 8 weeks after their initial operation.

Knee Clicking When Extending and Bending – What To Do?

Knee ClickingWondering why your knees are playing you a capella tune while flexing and bending? Knee clicking is very common and is most often harmless. The knee is a moving joint and sometimes it gets noisy. However, knee clicking can also signal a more serious and often painful condition such as torn cartilage in knee or a tear in the meniscus or a torn ACL.

Knee Pain After Exercise – Dangerous or Not?

Knee Pain After ExerciseFor people who choose to exercise to maintain good health or lose weight, knee pain after exercise can be frustrating. Exercise is important to maintain proper weight and increase overall health and body function, but pain following might have you headed for the couch instead of the 5K.