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Lower Back Pain Left Side – Could That Be Kidney?

Lower Back Pain Left SideLower back pain left side or lower back pain right side, either way you are in pain and probably worried that it could be something serious like a kidney problem. While lower back pain left side or right side could possibly indicate a kidney problem, chances are it is really about the spine or muscles. Kidney stones typically do not cause any symptoms while they are still in the kidney.

Lower Back Pain Right Side Causes

Lower Back Pain Right SideLower back pain right side or lower back pain left side is a very common complaint. Almost everyone has lower back pain at some time in their lives. There are a number of possible causes of lower back pain right side or left. Discs are the spongy cushions that are found between the bones of the spinal column. Over time these cushions may get thinner or slip out of place.

Bruised Tailbone Symptoms and Treatment

Bruised Tailbone SymptomsA bruised tailbone, also known as the coccyx, can be very painful. Obviously, falling and landing on your tailbone can cause bruising. Repetitive activities like rowing or bicycling can bruise the coccyx. The tailbone can be bruised in contact sports. And you might not realize it, but the tailbone can also get bruised in childbirth.

Bruised tailbone symptoms include discoloration around the tailbone and severe coccyx pain. If the tailbone pain is worse when you sit or worse if you apply any pressure, you have bruised tailbone symptoms.

Top 10 Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. While most back pain is caused by stress, strain or injury, persistent back pain can be a signal that something serious is wrong. Lower back pain right side or lower back pain left side can be a sign of bone or cartilage infection, internal bleeding, or cancer on that side of the body. Injuries to the coccyx or tail bone may be the result of a fall, contact sports, or activities that continually strain the muscles around the bone.

Back Pain Massage Therapy – When To Use?

Back Pain MassageSooner or later most people will experience lower back pain. Back pain could be a symptom of something serious like kidney disease, tumors, or ovary problems. Lower back pain right side or lower back pain left side can be a symptom of these conditions on the corresponding side of the body. Pregnancy can cause back pain. Herniated disks and spinal cord compression are also possible culprits. Less common causes of back pain include infection of the cartilage or bone, aneurysm, osteoporosis, bleeding in the pelvis and shingles. If you have back pain that persists, you should seek medical attention. If medical intervention is not needed, there are some techniques that you can use to relieve back pain.