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Lumpectomy Procedure Review – When Is It Performed?

Lumpectomy ProcedureA common question asked by many women is the one concerning a lumpectomy procedure. Many women want to know when this procedure is performed, and if there are other options available that may be a better choice. Another question and debate is the one concerning lumpectomy vs. mastectomy, and how to choose between two. A lumpectomy procedure may be performed for a few different reasons. Breast cancer is one other common reasons why this procedure is done, but it may also be necessary in cases where there are cysts in the breast or certain breast diseases are present as well. The doctor recommending the procedure will explain their reasoning behind the necessity of it.

Mastectomy Bras and Forms Review

Mastectomy BrasMastectomy bras and forms are an important consideration if you have undergone a mastectomy or have this procedure planned. There is a wide range and variety of mastectomy products to choose from, so finding the right sizes and styles is not a problem anymore no matter what your tastes and preferences are. It is important to remember while you are undergoing mastectomy recovery that your breasts are only tissue and they are not what makes you a woman. After this procedure specialized bras and forms made from silicone and other natural materials can help you disguise the fact that you even had a mastectomy done.