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Meniscus Tear Surgery – 7 Things You Need To Know!

Meniscus Tear SurgeryMeniscus tears are a very common injury. Torn cartilage in knee symptoms can be caused by everyday activities and often, especially in a small meniscus tear for example, the source of injury isn’t even apparent. Depending on the size and location of the tear, your health care provider may recommend surgery to repair the condition.

Meniscus Tear Symptoms – What To Pay Attention To?

Meniscus Tear SymptomsAs with a piece of paper, a meniscus tear can vary in size. Thus the associated symptoms and severity of same can also vary. Oftentimes people cannot pinpoint a specific injury or activity that caused their meniscus tear, so careful observation of meniscus tear symptoms are critical in determining

CTI Knee Braces Review

CTI Knee BracesIf you have injured your knee or have knee pain while doing the activities of daily living, a knee brace may be for you. CTI knee braces protect against rotational movement that can cause a meniscus tear. If you have meniscus pain, however, you should consult a doctor as this condition can require surgery.

You can purchase a readymade hinged knee brace or you can opt to have one custom made. Off-the-shelf CTI knee braces come in different sizes.

7 Torn ACL Symptoms You Need to Know

Torn ACL Symptoms1. A popping sound is one of the most common torn ACL symptoms, and this may be loud enough for others who are nearby to hear as well. This pop is extremely unsettling, and is a sign that your ACL has torn or suffered extensive damage and you should seek medical treatment right away.

2. Patella surgery may become necessary if you have severe knee ligament pain and instability.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Patella Surgery for Your Knee

Patella Surgery1. Less Knee Instability

If you have problems with instability concerning your knee then patella surgery may be needed. This can help you get back to your usual activities without worrying about your knee giving out.

2. Eliminate Pain

Knee manipulation may be needed to break up any adhesions and restore your knee back to ideal function.

Top 10 Ways to Treat Meniscus Pain

Meniscus PainHave you recently injured your knee and are now suffering from meniscus pain? This article will provide you with 10 different ways to treat meniscus knee pain and help you return to your regular activities.

Anyone, young or old, can sustain an injury to meniscus, cartilage tissue under the knee; older people are just more prone to getting it due to age-related degenerative processes in the body.