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Non Surgical Bunion Treatment – When Is It Recommended?

non surgical bunion treatmentWhen the bones or tissues around the base of the big toe become enlarged, it’s known as a bunion, and these tender toe terrors are thought to be caused by various types of questionable footwear, particularly the ill fitting sort or those that are pointy toed or oddly shaped.

Hammertoe Surgery Procedure Review

Hammertoe SurgeryHammertoe surgery may be required when the toe becomes stiff and bent downward in an almost claw like in appearance. If hammertoe is diagnosed and treated early, hammertoe surgery might be avoided. The second toe is most often affected by this condition. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too short can force the toe into an unnatural bent position. Over time, the tendons in the toe become shorter as they tighten.

Toe Numbness Herbal Remedies

Toe NumbnessIf you are experiencing toe numbness there are some herbal remedies that can help. Whether the problem is caused by foot swelling, peripheral neuropathy, or something else there are several herbs which can help treat this symptom. Ginkgo Biloba is a very effective herb when it comes to this problem. It improves circulation through your entire body, and is thought to have cardiovascular benefits as well but there have not been enough scientific studies to verify this yet.

7 Facts about Laser Bunion Surgery

Laser Bunion SurgeryLaser surgeries seem to be popular nowadays offering less invasive approaches to plastic surgery and other fields of medicine that take less time to heal and less chances of developing post surgery complications.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for laser bunion surgery due to modern laser technology focusing specifically on high water content soft tissues that laser can vaporize.

If you see a laser bunion surgery promotion, chances are it’s an advertising gimmick since the laser technology does not deal with bone correction.

Said that let’s shed light on facts you need to know about laser bunion surgery procedure:

Bunionectomy Surgery Pros and Cons

Bunionectomy SurgeryBunionectomy surgery can provide you with relief that many other non-invasive methods of toe correction are not able to offer. If you are unable to walk, deal with toe numbness and pain on the everyday basis, it’s time to find an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation of your bunion.

Bunionectomy surgery is strongly recommended only if the other methods of managing your toe deformity have failed and the pain is too much to handle.

Tingling Hands and Fingers: Causes and Remedies

Tingling Hands and FingersTingling hands and fingers cause people a lot of pain and discomfort, inability to do their favorite tasks, wake them up at night if a wrong sleeping position is assumed. Understanding the causes of your tingling hands and fingers is a huge milestone on your road to recovery.

Your doctor is your best ally in determining what might be causing tingling hands and fingers after a careful examination and assessment of all your previous and current medical conditions and diseases.

Poor Circulation in Legs at Night – What is Causing It?

Poor Circulation in Legs at NightPoor circulation in legs at night affects a large number of people and manifests itself in frequent leg jumps at night, waking up from the feeling of feet numbness and cramping, and a tingling sensation around your toes. If all these symptoms sound familiar to you, you might be affected by poor circulation in legs at night.

Top 10 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeWe did a little research and combined a list of top 10 symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:

1. Tingling

One of the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is tingling hands and fingers. You may feel like your hand and arm have fallen asleep and have pins and needles.

2. Numbness

Numbness, including a numb big toe or fingers, are often a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome or other similar disorders. If not treated this may lead to permanent damage.

Poor Circulation in Feet – What Should I Do to Improve It?

Poor Circulation in FeetSufficient blood circulation is important for our everyday health as it provides our body with all the essential nutrients and oxygen. Poor circulation in feet can affect almost anyone after spending hours sitting on an overnight flight, a job requiring standing for hours at a time or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. However, there are individuals who are more than anyone likely to develop unpleasant poor circulation in feet symptoms including overweight people, pregnant women and those who have underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol according to Fox News video.

Numb Big Toe Causes

Numb Big ToeHave you asked yourself a question what is causing my big toe being numb? Is it just tight shoes or something much bigger going on? In order to answer the question of what is causing the numb big toe, you need to assess all possible symptoms and exact sensations that you are experiencing.

Are you on your feet all day, sitting at the desk or have you been traveling by airplanes a lot lately? Poor circulation in feet could be triggered by prolonged sitting or standing position when blood does not flow freely restricting oxygen supply and as a result giving you a numb big toe.